About Tammy

Teaching Philosophy 

My goal is to enable students to find freedom and enjoyment in singing and music, while gaining a deeper understanding of their singing voice and themselves as learners. I draw on a variety of vocal techniques as well as voice science to provide a path for your practice. Every student is different, and through a joint effort we will discover the exercises, practice strategies and pace that is right for you. It’s a fascinating road which I hope you’ll enjoy!

Teaching Experience

In the past fifteen years I have been teaching private voice lessons to students of all levels and ages. Aside from my work at the New York Jazz Academy and Peridance, I maintain a private studio in Brooklyn, NY where I work with a diverse group of students, some complete beginners and some advanced, all of them with different goals and a variety of interests. My students include actors, musicians, professional singers, teens and adults.

I am a vocologist trained by the National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS), and a member of the Pan American Vocology Association (PAVA).

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As a Performer

Aside from teaching, I am also an active vocalist with various performance and recording activities. My experience as a performer often helps me prepare students for “real life” as a musician- what to expect on stage, how to maintain your vocal health, how to prepare for auditions and how to take care of the business side of music.

If you’re curious about my activities as a performer, please  visit my performance website.